Guanghzou                              between modernity and tradition

Guangzhou city is situated in south of China near the pearl river. Her port at the end of silk road has always been a center of attention through the ages. Invaded several times, by Portuguese first, following by British, French and Japanese, the city get back to Chinese people in 1949. Near Hong-Kong and Macau, Guangzhou was the first one to re-open her doors to foreigners in 1980.


 At first sight, which is obvious, as same as all important Chinese cities, is the incredible number of high buildings anywhere add to those under construction. Between 2001 and 2008 population has grown up almost 200%. Third most important city after Beijing and Shanghai, to be able to follow the increase, most old buildings have been destroyed. Modernity is now everywhere in town.


 Walking around, in the probably lasts old neighborhood, time seems to have stood steel in the past century. From traditional Mahjong game players to cellular phones gamers, street food to fast food, small groceries to supermarket, it looks like a time jump from a street to another.


 Young people do not appear care about their tradition and culture preservation. Teenagers dream about western lifestyle and rush in the many air-conditioned malls. They want foreign luxury brands, technology and junk food and find all those in the modern shopping centers.


 Globalization extend into China, and gradually eroding identifying culture of the country. It must be hoped that youth, blinded by glitters and giant neon signs, find a way to keep balance between modernity and traditions.